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New Patients at Power Wellness Group

Welcoming You

When you enter Power Wellness Group, you’ll notice our bright, airy space filled with natural light. The environment is calming and peaceful—a sanctuary in our bustling neighbourhood. Our friendly, engaging staff will welcome you and help you take care of any paperwork.

Your First Visit

The appointment with your chiropractor will begin with a consultation. We’ll start with your history, and we’ll ask questions to help us understand what factors may be contributing to your current situation and symptoms. Then we’ll do a thorough chiropractic examination, including posture assessment and muscle testing.

Part of the consultation and examination process is to help us determine if your problem is something that chiropractic care may help with, or if it’s something more medical in nature. If chiropractic is not the answer for you, we have a wide network of other providers that we trust, and we’ll help you get to the right place for you.

If we feel X-rays or an MRI are necessary for proper diagnosis, we will refer you out for those.

Most patients receive some type of care at this first visit, which typically takes about 45 minutes.

Doctor holding spine

Your Second Visit

At your next visit, we’ll go over all your results, including any imaging that we may have ordered. We’ll discuss your issue and what caused it, and we’ll also explain our care recommendations and how they may help correct the problem. We may also discuss lifestyle concerns, such as movement patterns, diet or hormonal imbalances. We’ll answer all your questions and then begin your care plan. This visit is usually 30 minutes in length.

Focused on Wellness

Our goal is to build relationships with our patients, so we can understand what’s important to them in life. This helps us create a care plan that meets each patient’s needs and goals, both immediate and long-term. We strive to help patients function optimally so they can achieve wellness, rather than simply address the symptoms of illness.

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