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Naturopathy in Melbourne

Are you tired of feeling sick and tired? Have you tried to lose weight, but haven’t been successful despite trying every imaginable diet? Do you wish you could resolve your digestive issues? You don’t have to just put up with your particular health concerns. At Power Wellness Group, we offer naturopathy, a healthcare system based on natural therapies.
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Carolyn WalkerMeet Our Naturopath

Carolyn Walker is a naturopath, nutritionist, wellness coach and mindfulness practitioner. She takes a functional medicine approach to addressing her clients’ health concerns. These can range from menopausal challenges, anxiety and depression, bloating, recurrent infections, autoimmune conditions and more.

To help her clients, Carolyn marries a scientific approach with various healing therapies.

“By marrying my love for science, genetics and nutritional biochemistry, I can identify the underlying causes of a client’s health issues. I employ my strong intuitive insight together with these results to craft personalised protocols specific to each client,” said Carolyn. You can consider her a health detective who puts all the pieces of a puzzle together to get the best results possible for each client.

Available Therapies

Because naturopathy is customised to your unique needs, we offer an array of therapies that Carolyn will consider to address your health concerns. These include the following:

  • Genetics tests
  • Specialised functional pathology assessments
  • Nutrition and supplementation support
  • Energy work
  • Breath work
  • Detoxing

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Potential Benefits of Naturopathy

By addressing the underlying factors contributing to your condition, naturopathy may help restore energy, improve mood, rebalance hormones, heal digestion, optimise metabolism, and boost immunity.

What to Expect

Once you book an in-person or online consult (via Skype or Telehealth), Carolyn will ask you to complete a health history and personal details questionnaire (including a current list of medications and/or supplements). If your session is in person, please bring all previous test results with you. If you’re taking supplements, please note the brand or bring the bottles along.

The first consultation can take up to 90 minutes, involving a thorough review of your health history, lifestyle, dietary habits, stress levels and environmental influences. Carolyn may perform some non-invasive physical examinations and in-house assessments, such as iridology, zinc status or pH balance testing.

At this first consult, Carolyn may also prescribe a supplement or provide dietary or lifestyle recommendations. She may also refer you for further testing. An estimated timeline of your care plan will be outlined, and Carolyn will also inform you of the costs of your care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during subsequent sessions?

Return visits allow Carolyn to monitor and review your progress. This important step ensures dosages are correct, symptoms are easing, and the therapies are working. In addition, continued support, guidance and coaching will inspire, motivate and keep you on track.

How long will it take me to recover?

Carolyn will give you a prognosis and an estimated timeline for your care and recovery. Ultimately, your recovery depends on your condition. The more chronic and long standing your issue, the more time it will take to heal.

Get Started Today

If you’re wondering whether naturopathy may benefit you, contact us today to schedule a consultation with Carolyn.


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