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Ergonomics in Melbourne

When most people hear the word “ergonomic,” their mind goes straight to “chair.” While ergonomic chairs are certainly important and can provide necessary comfort when sitting, there’s more to ergonomics than that.

At Power Wellness Group, Dr David McRae is proud to be certified in ergonomics after completing certification through post-graduate coursework, and looks forward to sharing his knowledge with patients of all walks of life who are looking for ways to improve their own wellness through ergonomics.
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What Is Ergonomics?

By definition, ergonomics is the study of people in work. Over time, people have become much more sedentary in their workplace, which has caused more problems relating to health and wellness. After all, when people move less, it’s easy for weight gain to happen, which can increase risk of other common diseases.

Gaining weight isn’t the only downfall of moving less. Moving less can mean sitting more, and when we aren’t seated in the right position or using the right tools to complete our work, even more issues can arise, including postural problems, head or neck pain, back aches, and more.

How We Can Help

Our chiropractor is proud to offer ergonomic support sessions for patients of all walks of life. He generally invites patients to book a consultation where he’ll evaluate their work area and provide feedback for improvement.

If a patient would like to move forward with additional sessions, he can examine how you work, the space you work in, and inform you on ergonomic practices to help combat common workplace injuries. Ergonomic devices that may help you can also be recommended.

Learn More Today

We’d love to speak with you and answer any questions you may have about booking an ergonomic consultation. Contact the team today to get started and learn more about the process.

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